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Most of us lead a busy lifestyle while we try to maximize our day, but the type of food we eat is rarely prioritized.

We have run out of time to buy groceries and cook meals, so we turn to grabbing the quick and unhealthy option. By the end of the day, we beat ourselves up over not prioritizing healthy habits.


Nia helps you prioritize the food you eat, even with your busy schedule, whenever and wherever you are. 


Always available during your internal debates,

even the little ones

How can I hold back but also indulge? How can I say food that is healthy but also tastes good? What about the weekend? And the holidays?
With a personalized menu and instant feedback from your own nutritionist, Nia helps you easily cope with the hardest challenges. 


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 Our Customers Say



'I've always felt a little embarrassed to go to a nutritionist meeting. With Nia, I get a full response, without messing around and without feeling judged."

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"Until I started with Nia, I was tempted and ruin my diet for a piece of cake, today with the help of Nia I'm more balanced and most importantly able to keep my daily routine."

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"After too many failed diets, I came to Nia which turned out as a winning method. Instead of weekly appointments, I got a nutritionist who is everywhere with me and support me when I need it"


"I've never managed to keep a regular menu and had broken my diet many times. Since I started using Nia service I've been able to keep up with healthy eating and achieve my goal"